The Fruit Seller

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Nicario Jimenez creates art pieces called Retablos from a mixture of boiled potato and gypsum powder. For his sculpting process, He uses only a small piece of wood resembling an enlarged toothpick. 

This retablo is called the Fruit Seller. Here we see the traditional fruit seller who sells either in a market or right on the street. The large variety of fruits comes from all over Peru. 

In the mountains, elderberries, aguaymanto, papaya, guava, prickly pear, capulí, custard apple, pacae, lucuma, sweet cucumber, kiwi or eggplant stand out. In the jungle the main fruits are guaba, camu camu, pitahaya, cocona, chestnut, umari, mullaca, soursop, macambo, cocoa, pineapple and carambola of course.

In this case Nicario’s works include a personal signature in the back of them. 

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